A competitive corporate group benefits package is essential for businesses that are looking to recruit and retain quality employees. At The Magnes Group Inc., we have an entire subsidy dedicated to delivering innovative and creative financial solutions to these results-driven corporations and business-minded individuals. The Magnes Financial Consulting division works exclusively within industry niche markets in order to provide customers with a cost-effective approach to managing group benefits and insurance plans.


Navigate Changes with Ease and Understanding
Today’s business environment is rapidly evolving and, in many cases, so should your company’s group benefits plan. Rising health care costs, shifting employee concerns, employee growth trends, and government legislation can all affect your corporate group benefits package. At The Magnes Group Inc., we highly recommend having a professional review your benefits plan on a regular basis to ensure that your exposures and risks are being properly managed.

Magnes Financial Consulting has extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Group RRSP & Pension Plans
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Personal Life, Critical Illness, and Disability Insurance

The Magnes Financial Consulting division works in partnership with our corporate accounts to audit and review their existing group benefits plans, develop innovative and cost-effective solutions, as well as assist in any required plan transitions. What's more, our group benefit brokers provide day-to-day client service and communications, so you're always aware of important industry changes. We continually strive to create, administer, and manage a benefits plan that meets your firm’s financial objectives and compensation philosophy, while respecting your company’s unique corporate culture.


Personal Estate Planning and Business Succession Planning
It's important to plan for the unexpected, both in your personal life and at your business. At Magnes Financial Consulting we provide individuals with an innovative and professional approach to personal estate planning and business succession planning. The brokered personal life insurance solutions and personalized estate planning programs at The Magnes Group Inc. are designed to protect your investments and the future of your family. Our business succession planning programs further provide you with the protection and security necessary to retire from your business and transfer ownership to a new management source.


Magnes Financial Consulting is your innovative and creative partner in the Group Benefits Consulting sector. Rely on our creative solutions, competitive costs, and unmatched professionalism for your group benefit plan – contact one of our financial consultants today.