Personal Life & Disability

Death and disability are two very difficult things for a family to discuss. Make the conversation easier for your employees by offering a comprehensive coverage package from Magnes. We offer a wide range of life and disability insurance options designed to protect your employees in case of an unexpected accident or loss of life.


Life Insurance Options That Suit Both Employer and Employee
Providing your employees with top-notch life insurance and disability coverage is easy and affordable at Magnes.  Our team of knowledgeable insurance brokers have access to some of the best and most extensive coverage packages in the country, providing clients with highly specific coverage at a minimal cost. Choose from term, whole life, or universal life insurance policies and help provide your employees with a saving plan that's right for them.


Help Employees Deal with Disability Expenses
Disability can often be more financially devastating than death, especially if the person is without disability coverage. Magnes offers a full range of disability coverage plans designed to help aid in the financial and physical recovery of an injured employee. An insurance broker at Magnes will help you better understand the various disability coverage options available, as well as decipher plan restrictions, payment schedules, and compensation requirements. Our team of experienced brokers are constantly securing additional coverage options through a network of trusted providers ensuring clients have the best possible coverage selection in Canada.


The life and disability insurance brokers at Magnes are here to help you select the coverage that's right for your employees. Using our proven Risk Reduction Approach , we'll provide your company with affordable risk management solutions, at the same time ensuring that the interests of your employees are fully addressed. Contact Magnes Group Benefits Division today for more information on life insurance and disability coverage options.