Every industry, and in fact every business has unique service needs and unique exposures to risk. At Magnes we recognize this.


Our Process

We start by focusing our efforts on a limited number of industries. This allows us to offer you the expertise, the insurer relations, the specific coverage and service offerings that are designed for you and significantly add to the value you receive.


Next we work with you, using our Strategic Risk Analysis, to develop a long term risk management vision for your company. The goal is to reduce your total cost of risk - for the long term.


Any broker can quote an insurance premium. We go much further, working with you to analyze your costs of administering loss control and insurance programs, your deductibles and what you are currently self-insuring. We make certain that we both understand your current costs and exposures. Then we present options and together we partner on a plan that will increase your bottom line. 


The plan addresses the services you require, the network partners we can introduce to assist you, and the insurers that are best suited to provide your coverage.


The most important decision in your risk management program is your choice of Broker. The right Broker will ensure you have the best services, insurers and protection while reducing your overall costs.