Forest Products

Companies that are involved in the forestry and logging industries encounter risks that are quite unlike those of any other Canadian business sector. That's why the Forest Product division of Magnes provides members of this community with insurance coverage that's specifically catered to their needs. Through our Strategic Risk Analysis , we'll provide you with substantial savings not just in premium reductions, but also in reduced loss exposure and less interruption.


Alleviate Loss and Manage High-Risk Exposures
Our unique six-step Strategic Risk Analysis ensures your forestry company receives custom coverage and enhanced risk management. Our industry specialists are pro-active in listening to your unique challenges and requirements, and are here to help you identify and manage high-risk exposures. Let us show you an action plan with the most appropriate solutions in reducing your total cost of risk. Unlike traditional insurance brokerages, Magnes offers specialized products and programs for clients in this industry, including loss prevention services to help mitigate and maintain competitive premiums.


Magnes' reputation for speedy claim assessments and proven risk management is thanks in part to more than 30 years experience writing forestry accounts, providing Magnes with specific value added services and industry leading expertise.  As such, Magnes has created one of the most respected reputations in the Canadian forestry and lumber industry. With experts like these on your side, it's easy to see why so many forestry companies depend on Magnes for their brokered insurance. Magnes offers brokered forestry insurance solutions in the following niche markets:

  • Sawmills and Planning Mills
  • Lumber Wholesalers
  • Building Components and Pre-Fabricated Homes
  • Pallets, Crates, and Packaging
  • Standing Timber
  • Wood Furniture
  • Kitchen Cabinetry Manufacturers
  • Window and Door Manufacturers


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