Aviation Tourism

Magnes is unique in its ability to provide clients with brokered insurance solutions that span multiple industries. Our aviation and tourism insurance packages are a prime example of our collective influence and commitment to our clients need. Our aviation and tourism insurance policies are designed to provide unique hospitality programs with the protection of our commercial property and casualty programs, and the expertise of our aviation insurance division.

Combining the Best Coverage Possible
The aviation and tourism brokered insurance solutions that we offer leverage the strength of Magnes' flagship commercial property insurance policies with the innovative and highly skilled services of our aviation insurance division. The aviation insurance division is highly regarded throughout Canada as being a specialist in a wide variety of commercial aviation and aircraft insurance options, including float plane and charter operations. As such, Magnes has the unique ability to provide multifaceted insurance solutions for tourism providers whose business spans both land and sky. Specialty insurance options within this program include custom coverage for summer resort owners, as well as outdoor adventure tourism providers.

Magnes partners with only the best insurance companies in the world, and works closely with underwriters, adjusters, and the legal community to ensure that all of your unique interests are always best represented.

Our Brokers Understand Your Needs
Several members of the aviation team at Magnes are actually pilots themselves and can directly relate to the issues and concerns of pilots and aircraft owners. In fact, you'll often find members of our team at local airports and northern resorts delivering informative presentations to charter flight operators and commercial pilots. Our knowledgeable team has presented on various aviation industry topics such as loss control, claims management, and market conditions.

At Magnes, our aviation and tourism insurance brokers work as a team in order to ensure that any aviation related business risks are managed to the same degree of assurance as their commercial property and liability exposures. For help creating your brokered aviation and tourism plan, please contact Magnes.